Franklin Mountains Wilderness Coalition
Franklin Mountains Wilderness Coalition The Franklin Mountains Wilderness Coalition was formed in 1978 and played a central role in the events that led to the establishment of Franklin Mountains State Park in 1979. The Coalition consists of organizations and individuals united in their concern for the Franklins in Texas and New Mexico.

Causes: Education, Environment

**The Franklin Mountains Wilderness Coalition is dedicated to: **

  • preserving the scenic beauty and wilderness character of the Mountains;

  • protecting the plant and animal resources of the Mountains and preserving the whole range as an intact ecosystem;

  • stimulating appreciation of the natural values of the Mountains and promoting understanding of their biological, cultural and geological features; and

  • encouraging recreational, scientific and educational uses of the Mountains consistent with preserving their scenic beauty and wilderness character.

What we do:

FMWC has been instrumental in the creation of the Franklin Mountains State Park, preservation of Castner Range, protection of Lost Dog Trails and Knapp Land and much more.

Your contribution continues this work.

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