Advocates 4 Freedom
Our Mission: Advocates 4 Freedom seeks to find, assist, and support victims and survivors of human trafficking. Our Vision: Advocates 4 Freedom strives toward the ability to provide survivors in the El Paso area with quality facilities focused on long-term survivor recovery.

Causes: Community Advocacy, Homelessness and Housing, Social Justice

Advocates 4 Freedom was launched in 2017 as a connect group of Abundant Church, El Paso, Texas. Created out of necessity, being called by God, each of its founders grew increasingly concerned about the amount of human trafficking in the world. Understanding that human trafficking exists in their own community of El Paso, Texas, its founders were determined to do something locally to make a difference. They began meeting with other local anti-trafficking organizations, law enforcement, and other service providers to see how they could help. Advocates 4 Freedom saw the need to focus on providing assistance and support to survivors of human trafficking. Since then, Advocates 4 Freedom has become a not-for-profit organization, providing a variety of support to survivors.

Advocates 4 Freedom has assisted survivors of human trafficking through financial support, connection to resources, mentorship, and friendship. They have hosted the global A21 Walk For Freedom in El Paso, Texas yearly since 2018. They have provided training to businesses, churches, school groups, as well as other organizations in their community. Advocates 4 Freedom has partnered with local anti-trafficking organizations to raise awareness and find survivors. They have a growing outreach program and partnership with law enforcement teams to help find survivors and end trafficking in El Paso. They partner with Ambassadors United, based in Houston, Texas, and Unbound in Waco, Texas. Advocates 4 Freedom are members of the El Paso Anti-Human Trafficking Coalition, Texas Human Trafficking Prevention Task Force, and the Heart of Texas Human Trafficking Coalition.

Advocates 4 Freedom is a faith-based organization. They are motivated by their faith in Jesus Christ and believe they are called by God to do this work. Their work is focused on providing assistance and support to survivors of human trafficking, and their programs and trainings do not include information about religion or faith, unless it is appropriate to the environment (church, Bible study, etc.). They gladly serve any victim or survivor of human trafficking with no strings attached, regardless of age, race, religious affiliation, or sexual orientation.