Advocates 4 Freedom
Advocacy, Shelter and Support for Victims of Human Trafficking

Causes: Community Advocacy, Homelessness and Housing, Social Justice

Human Trafficking, a horrendous crime, is thriving around the world and in every community today. El Paso is not excluded. We believe that every person has value. We believe that every victim can be saved. We believe we are called to find, rescue, and restore survivors. We advocate for their freedom and we offer help in practical ways that match their individual needs. Our greatest need is to receive enough funds to provide housing for our recovery program. Victims and survivors of human trafficking endure enormous trauma that requires years of support, counseling, and healing to successfully survive, free and independent. Your donation will be used to support and shelter the survivors we work with and their children. We are a faith-based organization that believes that only through Jesus Christ will survivors experience life long healing and freedom. You have a vital part to play in a survivor’s recovery. All of your donation will go to survivor support and housing.

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