Dance for Dreams
Dance for Dreams is a 501 (c) (3) registered non-profit organization classified as a Public Charity (509) (a) (2) founded in March 2012 in the State of Texas to foster, support, and develop children and teens between the ages of 10 and 17 in the El Paso community in local, regional, national and international organized sport event competitions. To accomplish our goals and objectives, we organize monthly and/or quarterly events such as dances, dinners, raffles, and concerts to raise funds to create our Athlete Scholarship Grant. The events will be posted on our Facebook page and/or website. One can download the Membership Application, Athlete Scholarship Grant Application, and Sponsorship Request Form among other information available to the public located on our website/Facebook. You can donate through the El Paso Giving Day platform or through our P.O Box to avoid any administrative fees. Dance for Dreams P.O Box 12704 El Paso, TX 79913. Thank you so much for your continuous donations and thank you for supporting a great cause. Please visit our to learn more about the "5W's" (What, When, Where, Why, How?.

Causes: Community Advocacy, Health and Wellness, Youth

*I am the founder and president of Dance for Dreams, a 501 (c) (3) nonprofit organization classified as a Public Charity 509 (a) (2) as of March 2012.

I had been an NPC competitor since 2007. As an amateur athlete, the only way I could get cash prizes from any official federation was by reaching the national and/or pro level stage.

As a competitor, we have tons of expenses such as nutrition plans, coach, training site, suits, makeup, hair, nails, tanning, shoes, lodging, air or ground transportation, car rental, organization fees, event entry fee, tanning, photos, etc. That is just to mention a few so you have a clear idea. And the higher you went in the federation the more costly it became.

A workout video and an interview was completed and posted on our You Tube channel to promote and blast the organization to the fitness industry via online network. View here []*

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