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Past Giving Day campaigns made the Breastfeeding Garden a reality (2017) and helped us bring Music with Maria (2018) to 150+ families in less than a year. This year, Giving Day donations will be used to continue our programming into 2021 and ensure that services are accessible to all. Because of Covid-19, we’ve currently moved to Zoom! All groups are continuing to meet online, free of charge.

The building where we’ve leased space since opening the Breastfeeding Garden is currently up for sale. We don’t know what 2021 holds, but we are committed to bringing back in-person meet-ups to build community as soon as it is safe to do so.

Our goal is to raise $5,000.

What is the Breastfeeding Garden? The Garden keeps growing! Started in 2017, the Breastfeeding Garden is a weekly peer-to-peer breastfeeding support group. Volunteer lactation consultants often facilitate the group and assistance is available to both English and Spanish speakers. Approximately 15-20 moms/families visit the Garden to give/receive support on any given Friday. This is a free community resource open to all.

What is Music with Maria? We are proud to host early childhood music educator, Maria McCullough on Fridays for a music class. Research shows that music has numerous benefits for children including facilitating language development, building motor skills, helping socio-emotional development and setting the stage for literacy later in life. Music allows for families to bond together, develop creativity and compassion. Since January 2019, hundreds of families have stopped in to enjoy Music with Maria.

What is Birth in Pieces? A labor of love, this documentary film project spanned multiple years and took various twists and turns as we interviewed women about their birth stories. We began to realize that the individual narratives of women from the El Paso region, together, painted a picture of modern birth culture in the US. This film weaves their stories together against the backdrop of the US’ high maternal mortality rates and is a powerful tool for advocacy. We believe that the change starts by listening to women.

Birth in Pieces won the “Filmmaker Award” at the El Paso Film Festival, screened at the Texas State Capitol, and has been shown at professional conferences in Tennessee and California. We are working on getting the film on a streaming platform for purchase.

Thank you for helping mamas and babies get a strong start in our community! Supported birth, bonding, breastfeeding and music…this is an empowering start for our children. Muchas gracias.