"El Paso" Ai-Hwa Chinese School
"El Paso" Ai-Hwa Chinese is a non-profit language institute, pursuing knowledge, moral principles, and teamwork. This is accomplished through providing Chinese language and cultural activities and relevant enrichment programs.

Causes: Arts and Culture, Education

“El Paso” Ai-Hwa Chinese school has been serving local community over 20 years since 1999. Courses are offered through UTEP Public and Professional Programs. We provide all learning materials for every student. We wish to receive financial support from the local community to pay for this school year’s textbook shipping costs, which amount to $420.

The organization and educational program of The “El Paso” Ai-Hwa Chinese School are formulated to: 1. Provide people of non-Chinese background with the opportunity to study the Chinese language and foster a deeper understanding of the Chinese culture; 2. Help children of Chinese descent to better understand their heritage and appreciate their culture. Please see www.epchinese.org and Facebook for more details of the program activities.

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