El Paso Museum of History Foundation
Presenting and preserving the border region’s intercultural and multinational history.

Causes: Arts and Culture, Education


The El Paso Museum of History Foundation believes that our vibrant community shapes its future by understanding its past. Our mission is to mobilize resources for acquisition, conservation, and education that helps the El Paso Museum of History tell the story of the borderland.


  • Dia de los Muertos (October 23)
  • Family Day: Tracks Across the Desert (October 30)
  • Exhibit Opening: El Paso’s Homegrown & World War II
  • Winterfest Celebration (November 20)


  • Changing Pass: People, Land & Memory – The museum’s permanent exhibition reflects more than 1,000 years of the El Paso del Norte region history. This exhibition begins with early Indigenous settlers and concludes with the Bracero program in the 20th century.
  • Resilience: Remembering August 3rd – This exhibition highlights the El Paso community’s strength, endurance, and love in the face of adversity. Resilience is this community’s hallmark as it collectively heals and stands strong in the face of racism and hate.
  • Lucha Libre: Stories From The Ring – The exhibition tells the history of Lucha Libre, its connections to the border region, and the stories that have come from the sport.
  • The Devil You Say! The Saintly And Not So Saintly, In Folk Art – An exhibition that aims to highlight the Christian concept of duality and how that concept has historically shaped folk-art practices in the Americas.
  • Tracks Across The Desert: More Than 100 Years Of Railroad In El Paso – The railroad boom of the 19th century ushered in a new and transformative era for transportation, technology, and economy in America—one that swept the Paso del Norte region along with it.
  • Neighborhoods And Shared Memories: Sunset Heights – This exhibition is an overview of the early years of one of El Paso’s most historic neighborhoods. Themes include: Jewish settlement, Catholic community, city building, political refugees, architecture, and education.


To contact the El Paso Museum of History, call (915) 212-0320 or visit their website.

To contact the El Paso Museum of History Foundation, call (915) 533-4020 or visit their website.

The El Paso Museum of History is a supporting organization of the El Paso Community Foundation.