el paso neighborhood coalition
El Paso Neighborhood Coalition is an all-volunteer organization comprised of over 92 diverse neighborhood associations from across the City of El Paso, Texas. Five board members and a chairperson are elected to represent our 5 diverse areas as well. We work closely with the Neighborhood Services Department of the City of El Paso. Our purpose is improve our quality of life by advocating for healthy, vibrant neighborhoods.

Causes: Community Advocacy, Environment, Youth

Healthy, vibrant neighborhoods result in healthy, vibrant cities. Neighborhood association members are involved in community activities and actively look for resolutions to neighborhood concerns. Members also provide great quality-of-life ideas, and identify other community organizations who might need some assistance. We have established working relationships with the Mayor and City Council and all departments of the City of El Paso. Many associations have formed park partnerships as well. We look to resolve issues in a collaborative, positive manner. We honor our volunteers with an annual holiday party, a picnic and a Summit. The Summit is a conference with 30-minute seminars on myriad topics that affect neighborhoods.

At our monthly general membership meetings, we have Community Leaders from all walks of life give presentations to our membership. Neighborhood Services also brings us up to date on all neighborhood plans being worked at the City. Our members not only address neighborhood concerns, they also propose great quality-of-life ideas so that we can consistently work to improve our City.

We ask our members to buy and donate needed items for any community organization we can support or to donate their time if possible. We most recently donated new supplies to the El Paso Animal Shelter and new toiletries to the Center Against Sexual and Family Abuse. Members also invested their time and compassion to maintain the temporary memorial for the victims of the Wal-Mart killing.

We are a new 501c3 organization but in the short time we have attained this designation, we’ve realized that there are many organizations that we could assist and at the same time reach our neighborhood goals. Funding will assist us to reach those goals and we appreciate your support.

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