First Presbyterian Schools
Our mission at First Presbyterian Elementary School is to provide our students with a quality educational experience and meaningful life experience that nurtures and respects the whole child in a safe and inspiring environment. This is where authentic learning thrives. Our curriculum is influenced by the core values of the long standing and well-respected Reggio Emilia approach to early education. The integration of these values in our 1st - 6th elementary school continues to progress and evolve as we develop custom educational experiences to meet the intellectual, spiritual, social, physical and emotional needs of each child we serve.

Causes: Children and Youth, Education, Health and Mental Well-being

We founded our private, non-profit school during the summer of 2020 in response to a desire many families had for their children to continue learning in the beloved First Pres community. Our church home and parent volunteers made it possible to open our doors for in-person learning to 31 families in September 2020. At First Presbyterian Elementary, we advocate for children to explore learning through nature, music, art, self-expression, number sense, reading, music, language, wonder and play. We are creating an environment that provides children the opportunity to take a vested interest in navigating their own learning. Your kind donations make it possible for our talented team to continue creating inspirational programs that engage students in learning that lasts a lifetime.

Nature: Our students cultivate a love for learning in our outdoor environment. Children spend time each week with Ms. Mariana, our Texas Master Naturalist, enjoying activities like ongoing care for our school garden and constructing custom bug motels to study and observe all the critters that call our playground home. The FPE playground is a charming respite for children to get creative in the sand, play outdoor musical instruments and get competitive with friends through seasonal sports games. Our time outdoors is one of the most valued and cherished by all. Going on a Bug Hunt

Music: Our students explore music theory, instruments, and songs with Ms. Laura, our professionally trained opera singer who holds a Bachelor of Arts. Our goal is to expose students to a variety of instruments and expand their knowledge of music from around the world. Ms. Laura’s love for music sparks joy and light in the hearts of our students. Ms. Laura is in the House

Theater: Our students share an enthusiastic interest for acting alongside Mr. Raul, who has a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Theatre and serves as director of many local area performances. Students engage in everything from rehearsing scripts, building sets and designing costumes, to working the lights, applying stage make up and more. Students gain so much confidence throughout the process and take collective pride in their full productions. Break a Leg Panthers

Reading: Ms. Karen has a Master’s in Reading and a unique approach for teaching reading that she shares with students. Children explore how to flex their visualization muscles in creative and memorable ways for learning that really sticks. Students are immersed in the learning process through their five senses to elevate their comprehension, problem solving and communication skills. Mask up for Reading Visualization

Social Emotional Learning: Ms. Diana is pursuing her Master’s in Clinical Mental Health Counseling. She works with children on how to lead themselves through self-awareness and self-regulation. Students expand their worldview by considering other perspectives and navigate how thinking, emotions and behavior work together through strategies like mindfulness, breathing and yoga. Keep Calm and First Pres On

Marching Band: Our school is home to the only elementary marching band in the El Paso area. Our students get to choose from a variety of instruments based on their interest to include the drums, jSax, jHorn, jFlutes and more. The FPE Band marches alongside Pastor Neal Locke, a former teacher and music enthusiast. They enjoy performing year-round at school and church functions. No Drummer Shortage Here

Art: Ms. Alejandra has a passion for art, children join her in the STEAM Lab weekly to let their creativity flow. They will focus on a variety of mediums and techniques to include the artists that inspired them. Such a calming and beautiful outlet for our children to enjoy. Artsy, Why Yes We Are