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Grupo Dignidad, Igualdad, y Oportunidad
Quebrando Barreras desde 1988

Causes: Community Advocacy, Disability Services, Social Justice

Grupo Dignidad, Igualdad, y Oportunidad (DIO) was started 30 years ago by individuals with disabilities in El Paso, Texas who recognized the need to reach out to the Spanish speaking/ Hispanic community about issues, programs, and services that were relevant to them. Grupo DIO made its mission to educate, support, and advocate for families and individuals with disabilities, with emphasis on communicating in Spanish so people could be properly informed and be able to access the programs and services available for them. Over the years DIO has been successful in advocating for and educating its members and guests about essential programs and services for people with disabilities in our own communities rather than them having to go out of town to find those services. DIO has an elected, working Board of Directors where many people have learned and developed their leadership, organizational, and communication skills and have gone on to become active, participating citizens and leaders in society. DIO has also provided invaluable peer support for families and individuals with various disabilities through monthly social gatherings, meetings, presentations, holiday celebrations, special events, and, most importantly, long term friendships.
DIO proudly celebrated its 32nd anniversary this September, 2020. We celebrate our diverse members, families, friends and supporters for their active participation, numerous accomplishments, generous contributions, and special friendships, and we look forward to DIO’s continued success in the years to come.

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