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Indivisible El Paso is a non Profit 501(c)3 organized in 2017 to bring awareness through outreach to communities on issues, topics and programs that may effect them. IEP has worked with local organizations in collaboration to assist in supporting local and national charity and non profit goals such as the Environmental, Arts, Employment, Education and Training.

Causes: Community Advocacy, Education, Environment

Sarena Doucette

June 9, 2020

To whom this may concern:

It is my great pleasure to highlight what an invaluable resource Indivisible El Paso has been for The Katherine Smith Project. Andrea Martinez from Indivisible El Paso met with me in 2018 to create our organization whose purpose was to bring awareness about the struggles Navajo elders face living in 3rd world conditions and what we could do as a community to support these elders living more sustainably.

Over the length of the 2018-2019 year, this partnership helped birth this grassroots organization and move it into a movement for funneling resources to the Navajo Nation during a crisis of complete drought. We organized several art and cultural fundraising events throughout El Paso at various venues where local artists donated their artwork and time to the cause of bringing emergency water infrastructure.

Indivisible El Paso helped create and reach the goals necessary for purchasing and delivering two industrial-sized water collection tanks. We also partnered with other volunteers to personally install these rainwater collection tanks with the purpose of collecting annual rainfall to distribute to their sheep herd.

I highly recommend Andrea Martinez and Indivisible El Paso for embarking on any project, local or national, if you wish to see it to successful fruition. This organization and its leadership works with poise and compassion while serving humanity. It was a pleasure working with Indivisible El Paso and collaborating on how best to serve the Navajo community. I have no doubt that Indivisible El Paso will meet and succeed your expectations. Please contact me if you have any further questions. Best, Sarena Doucette

The Katherine Smith Project @thekatherinesmithproject

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