Mexicanos en Exilio
Our vision is to work towards a U.S./Mexico that respects popular political engagement, facilitates humane migration and policy in practice, and uplifts human rights of all people. With this in mind, MexenEx has worked hard to develop platforms for its members to share their stories, further community education, and raise political awareness of the increasingly violent and corrupt conditions in their native countries.

Causes: Community Advocacy, Migration, Social Justice

Mexicanos en Exilio (MexenEx) began as a legal aid project in 2010 with the help and support of the private law office of Carlos Spector, a well-known immigration attorney who has been fighting for the rights of immigrants for several decades, his wife, Sandra Spector, a long-time community activist and former union organizer, and several exiled Mexican journalists. It has since transformed into a network for displaced Mexicans and other asylum seekers and immigrants who are committed to engaging socially and politically in the U.S., while also seeking justice and denouncing abuses in their homelands

While immigrants physically leave their homeland, they also leave much of themselves behind. Who they were, how they were, and how they contributed to their communities are aspects often forfeited and instead, they must re-imagine themselves in a new place. MexenEx believes that it is important to fight displacement and its consequences in order to allow immigrants to embrace the rights and dignity they are entitled to while acknowledging and remembering their homeland. We aim for immigrants to build a home while remembering and fighting for their homeland so that others do not suffer displacement or trauma

The organization is unique because it is the only organization made up of Mexican exiles who are seeking justice for their people from abroad, despite potential threats to their own safety. Although they left their homeland because they feared for their lives, MexenEx members have had the courage and integrity to bring attention and hopefully change to the corruption, human rights abuses, and violence that continues unabated in Mexico.


During these difficult times for everyone, we were able to set-up a fund with the purpose of distributing to one of the most vulnerable communities: migrant families. Throughout the summer we were able to help people pay their utility bills and rent with the generous donations from our community. Additionally, we are proud to have been part of a coalition with the goal of getting our local government to issue funds to help everyone in our community despite their immigration status.


As we approach this year’s election, MexenEx has been active in helping people register to vote while also distributing materials to help El Pasoans be ready to vote in the 2020 Election. Materials include bilingual infographics, videos on 9 voting/election topics, presentations for teachers and faculty to use in class, and a bilingual online reminder sign-up form that people can use to get text messages and email reminders as the election approaches.

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