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Causes: Community Advocacy, Education, Emergency Response

The Nonprofit Exchange became a 501c3 in 2018 to maximize nonprofit technology in the area and provide low-cost solutions for charitable organizations. Our mission is to create integrated communities through technological solutions. We provide a platform where local nonprofits can find support and resources that will aid them in achieving their fundraising and capacity goals.

As a response to the needs of the community during this pandemic, NPX launched

The HelpAction platform provides a volunteer network within communities, pairing those who are unable to retrieve essential items with contactless volunteer deliveries. HelpAction utilizes SMS chat (programmable SMS) and is currently integrating programmable voice chat through Gridspace. HelpAction Volunteers choose how often and how many requests to receive each day - and they can decide which individual requests to can take on. If a volunteer has to skip a request, the request moves to the next volunteer on the list. This individual approach, as opposed to a text blast to many volunteers, ensures that each assistance request receives the personal attention it deserves. If a volunteer replies YES to accepting a request, they will receive full request details and phone number of the person making the request. With this method, sensitive information is protected, allowing the Volunteer and Requester to coordinate on what information to share to complete the delivery.

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