Paso del Norte Children's Development Center
A child with special needs can grow to live a happy and normal life if they, and their families, receive the necessary support. At PdN Children's, we focus all our efforts towards achieving this goal. With our Early Child Intervention (ECI) Program, we begin delivering various therapies and supports for children from newborn to 3 years of age. Our Pediatric Therapy program supports older children (ages three and up) with various therapies also, and we have a specialized feeding clinic for children who have limited interest in foods and a vision and hearing specialist to help children affected with hearing and vision loss. Our Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA) Program specializes in intervention therapies for children diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder. Our Inclusive Early Learning Center (IELC) provides early childhood education and child care in an inclusive environment where children with special needs attend class with children who have no disability. All families we serve, and our community is offered supportive services through our Community Resource Center so that any family who has a child with special needs can seek services referrals, receive parent education and learn to advocate for their children. All of the services provided to the community are available to all families, regardless of financial means. This is possible because of the tremendous support PdN Children's receives from our community members.

Causes: Disability Services, Education, Health and Wellness

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