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Nonprofit organizations interested in participating can register beginning Thursday, August 8 through Monday, September 30. Learn more here.

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Donors can make their donations during the Early Giving period and on El Paso Giving Day. Learn more about the participating nonprofit organizations here. Learn how to donate here.

Paso del Norte Community Foundation

Founded in 2016 by the Paso del Norte Community Foundation, El Paso Giving Day is an online charitable giving campaign designed to shine a light on the essential work of nonprofit organizations and ignite the spirit of giving among new and younger donors in our community.

Since its inception, El Paso Giving Day has raised over $9 million from thousands of donors for over 200 nonprofit organizations in the Paso del Norte region. El Paso Giving Day is considered the largest, and often, the only major fundraising campaign for many nonprofit organizations — the money that is raised here, stays here.

Join us this giving season as we soar to new heights, aiming to raise $1.5 million for our community. Your minimum donation of $10 makes a lasting impact in our community!

Early Giving
October 10-16, 2024
El Paso Giving Day 2024
October 17, 2024
2023 Overall Leaderboard
Amount Raised
Amount: $80,620.00
Donations: 139
Amount: $72,148.00
Donations: 194
Amount: $57,028.00
Donations: 106
Amount: $42,800.00
Donations: 173
Amount: $41,865.00
Donations: 212
Amount: $38,725.00
Donations: 70
Amount: $28,491.00
Donations: 90
Amount: $27,835.00
Donations: 65
Amount: $27,350.00
Donations: 16
Amount: $25,035.00
Donations: 86
Paso del Norte Community Foundation
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