Jana Renner
Jana Renner

I’ve been involved with the Paso del Norte Trail project for five years. One of my first experiences with the trail was overseeing the construction of the Playa Drain Trail from Ascarate Park to Riverside Park. I remember seeing people walking behind the construction vehicles who were grading the path. It so clearly demonstrated the desire of the residents to have a safe and enjoyable path to walk and bike.

This past year, I attended trail events on the Playa Drain Trail and saw people of all ages and abilities enjoy being outside, engaging with their neighbors, and getting a little exercise. This is why I am involved in the work of bringing people together to build more trails- to expand places for everyone to walk and bike safely.

The Paso del Norte Trail is taking shape just five years after the Paso del Norte Trail Master Plan was completed. The trail, which will be an almost 70-mile trail across El Paso County, currently includes the River Park Trail in the Upper Valley and Playa Drain Trail from Ascarate Park to Capistrano Park. Trails offer people safe places to walk and bike for exercise or to travel to school, church, or other destinations. Our trail partners have raised over $18M to build over 7 miles of trail. Please join us to help put amenities, like benches, shade structures, and landscaping, on these new segments and to organize fun events. Together, we will make the trail a community asset for all to use and enjoy.

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