Iberty Trevino
Iberty Trevino

My name is Iberty Trevino, and I am supporting this Giving Day the Paso del Norte Trail. Growing up, I recall going on bike rides with my dad after school. In the afternoons after a good meal, we would hop on our bicycles and ride to the nearest trail. I distinctly remember the fresh breeze of nature and the laughter that filled the air as I talked to my dad about school and how his day was going. For me, trails are engraved with memories, the thrill of adventure, and a haven to enjoy nature. For others, trails represent a means of travel that is safe. The Paso del Norte Trail strives to create a trail network in El Paso County that connects neighborhoods and areas of interest. The trail connects neighborhoods in our region to ensure easy and safe access for everyone walking, bicycling, or accessing mass transit.

Fundraising efforts for the Paso del Norte Trail will be used to host community events and to install trail amenities, such as shade structures and benches. During El Paso’s hot summer months, these shade structures are crucial to escape the heat for a moment when enjoying our trails. Benches are essential to allow people to rest after a walk, workout, or to simply enjoy the scenic beauty of the Chihuahuan Desert.

Join me this El Paso Giving Day in supporting the Paso del Norte Trail in its efforts to connect El Paso, promote well-being, and to continue making memories!

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