Guenevere McMahon
Guenevere McMahon

Hello, I am Guenevere (Genni) McMahon. I am a newer member of the Action Programs for Animals (APA) board and very happy to be part of this wonderful organization.

I chose to work with APA not just because I love animals. Animal overpopulation is a problem for many communities, and there is no single best approach to solving it. APA recognizes that there are many reasons for the problems we face and has a unique, multifaceted approach. We not only work to support spay/neuter initiatives as well as operating a shelter, we also do the following:

Sponser low cost immunization/microchip drives to better protect the existing pet population

Operate the PAWS program (Prisoners and Animals Working towards Success) in conjuction with a nearby penitentiary where our dogs are trained by prisoners to increase their adoptability

Sponser free food drives to help pet owners who love their pets but may need help affording some basics.

Pay for life long medical care for adopted animals that have long term health issues but need a loving home.

There are so many great reasons to support APA as a unique, successful model for animal rescue. Please join me in supporting this amazing organization so we can continue to do good work in our community.

To learn more about APA, visit our website:

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