Bernadette Sanchez
Bernadette Sanchez

El Paso Giving Day is upon us! First of all, I would like to thank you for the successful campaign last year. It is because of community members, friends & family like you that we were able to raise funds.

This year, our goal is to raise $5,000, which will would allow us to make an incredible impact on our community through advocacy, events, healthy initiatives and more.

Is it an ambitious goal? Yes! But it is absolutely doable with your help and advocacy!

!As a proud board member of Moms on Board, I am asking for your support! Last year, with the support of the community, we raised nearly $2,500. This year our goal is to double our efforts and raise $5,000 so we can serve more families. Individuall, I hope to raise $500 towards this goal.

Moms on Board (MOB) is an important organization to me. Our goal is to improve the quality of life for El Paso area families. We do this through advocating for improved parks that are accessible to ALL children, educating on elections and issues and working with area organizations to improve access to health and educational opportunities. As a proud mom to my daughter Sofia, I know the future that I want for her and our future generations, the kind of community I want her to live in and grow up in. My hope is that El Paso – the community I love, where I have grown and love will continue to improve in the areas of health, family-friendly services and recreation, education and more. My participation as a board member and volunteer helps drive this change.

Please join me to help us continue with our mission and impact the lives of many more families in the El Paso community. For just $10, you can be a part of our movement to continue to advocate for change. Thank you!

if you have any questions,please feel to reach out to me at 915.539.0628 or

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