Sally Boyer
Sally Boyer

The Center Against Sexual & Family Violence is the largest dual sexual assault/domestic violence services provider on the US/Mexico border. Approximately half of CASFV’s clients speak Spanish as a first language and 89% are extremely low income. CASFV’s clients are some of the most vulnerable in the nation.

The CDC estimates that the lifetime economic burden of domestic violence for a single female survivor in 2020 was $110,341. For a male survivor it was $24,897. This means that the lifetime economic burden of domestic violence generated in El Paso, TX in 2020 alone was well over $400 million.

The CDC estimates that 1/3 of this burden is paid by US taxes. All of us are paying for domestic violence, whether we’re aware of it or not. This is just one of the many ways that domestic violence is hurting our communities.

Violence against women and other vulnerable people must stop!

My goal is to raise $200 for CASFV this El Paso Giving Day. Please help me meet my goal.

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