Diego Murcia
Diego Murcia

Migrante salvadoreño y su hija mueren en el intento de cruzar a EU

Hundreds of Immigrant Children Wait in Cages

Families separated at border speak of PTS, hundreds still missing

These are the breaking news lately.

I was born in one of the poorest places in El Salvador, but, I didn’t stay there. I migrated away from my poverty and the land of my parents to get a better life. But in doing so, I realized how blurry the notions are that others have about the voiceless ones, those who are stranded in the other side of the border. As Monsignor Romero used to say, I, the one who has the opportunity to know the world, have to “give a testimony of the truth.” Working for DMRS means that for me.

I am horrified by the hateful, fear-mongering speech coming from thos who don´t know the border, nor my migrant brothers and sisters! The caravans of hundreds of desperate persons marching towards our border in search for a better life are a call on us to respond from our values as Americans and as Christians.

You can answer to this call by donating as little as $5 USD today. That amoung goes a long way, believe me. This money is not intended for me or for DMRS, this money represents a way to give the migrants a better chance to survive, to have a life like ours, full of opportunities for everybody.

So, please, help me to complete this fundaraise to help the ones in need now. Don´t wait to react when they come to you as part of the breaking news.

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