Michelle Arnold
Michelle Arnold

This school’s vision is of thoughtful learning; creating community and beyond.

A preschool transformed in the loving hands of Cece Neal into a nurturing, vibrant, natural environment that many children experience and love. Inspiring learning and creating with a deep connection to nature.

The seed of the preschool has spread: an elementary is growing into a magnificent tree that will provide and where children will thrive.

Gifted with a blank canvas, a grassy field with endless marvelous possibilities. The new growth of our school is to include more shade for our preschool + play structures made from sustainable materials, encouraging creativity, physical activity, and fostering social development. A colorful art shed, where students and local artists will grace the walls, depicting scenes from the natural world, reminding everyone of the beauty and wonder of our environment. Areas of play, adventure, and discovery.

Dreams require support to become a reality.

On this El Paso Giving day help us make this vision come to life. We need YOU to keep growing, to enrich the lives of our local students and to send a powerful message to the world. Community coming together for a common goal to foster positive change and environmental consciousness.

Help us Grow and form our school to become a symbol of Hope, inspiring others to invest in the outdoors and create lasting impacts for children and our planet.

Your contribution is more than just a donation to an outdoor learning environment; it’s a contribution to the future, fostering a love for the environment, and inspiring change that can benefit our world.

Your donation is a gift to shaping evolving minds of future generations and reminding us all of the power of collective action and the beauty of our natural world.

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