Laura Ayala
Laura Ayala

Why I’m Fundraising for the Borderland Rainbow Center

The Borderland Rainbow Center is a crucial resource for the LGBTQ+ community in El Paso. The BRC’s mission is to establish and foster a safe community environment in which individuals that identify with the LGBTQ+ community and their allies can grow, heal, and empower themselves and others.

The BRC provides over 400 individual events and programs and training sessions yearly, many entirely free of charge. The clinical and therapeutic staff of the BRC conduct both individual and group therapy sessions. These LGBTQ-Affirming sessions address and attempt to ameliorate individual issues and concerns, ranging from healing from addiction, self-harm, sexual violence and other trauma-informed support. BRC’s therapeutic services have provided over 550 free individual therapy sessions using grant funding and private donations to create access for low-income and uninsured individuals. Although the COVID-19 pandemic forced the BRC building to close, the services, programs, and training continue online! All of the BRC’s therapeutic services are now available virtually anywhere you can get a mobile or wifi signal, and that goes for our social and educational programs, too.

Please donate so that the BRC can continue to provide quality and essential services for our El Paso LGBTQ+ community.

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