Gabriela Lopez
Gabriela Lopez

Living on a border is a constant balancing act- a teetering at the edge of two worlds. It’s a dizzying delirium of dichotomies.

Eres de aquí o de allá?… “Legal” o “ilegal”?… Entras o sales?… Is this the end or a beginning?… Together or separated?…

And beyond the pixels of the screen you’re currently reading this on, these dichotomies become tangible consequences. They break families, they imprison our neighbors- oftentimes becoming a death-sentence for them.

I was merely lucky enough to be born on this side of the Rio Bravo, but my parents were not. They were once on the painful side of those dichotomies and that is why I work at DMRS. Because I see my parents in your parents, uncles, cousins, brothers, sisters, nephews, daughters, and sons. I see them in the people risking their lives on their journeys to The Border. However, what keeps me hopeful is that, amidst the chaos, there are always people ready to help and I am grateful that DMRS has given me the opportunity, space, and resources to be a helper for nearly 3 years now.

But Helpers do not operate on our own. We work as a network por que juntos somos fuertes. You help strengthen us. Be part of our network of Helpers.

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