Renuka Reddi-Dickason
Renuka Reddi-Dickason

Hello everyone Thanks for your kind donation that you have made to to the Center Against Sexual and Family Violence, previously known as the Battered Women’s shelter. I am the Board chair and am honored to to serve as one. I am of the strong opinion that this is a fabulous organization that caters to families (most often to women and children although we have had men in the recent past with their children) who are rendered homeless for a lot of reasons. I am now retired (since Dec.2020) after having practiced Obstetrics and Gynecology for almost 45 years. During this time I have had the unfortunate oppurtunity to refer patients to this organization and if I may add with great success. Knowing what they do and how they do it is absolutely incredible. I have never seen a group of employees who are as dedicated to their jobs as these individuals. Since we have lost cooks (clients who come to stay need to be fed) due to COVID and financially unable to hire cooks that get paid a higher hourly wage on a part time basis, employees have taken it upon themselves to cooks for the clients. This is what I mean by their dedication to this institutions. Having seen what they do and how they get these inividuals back on their feet through education, GED classes, counselling etc. it makes me proud that I am a member of this organization. We depend on grants and personal donations from individuals like you and therfore please help make this organization as strong as possible with your donations.

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