Veronica Vasquez-Ramos
Veronica Vasquez-Ramos

Since 2017, I have helped with getting this amazing community engaged! These two incredible women took my hand and showed me the ropes of this wonderful non-profit organization. I started off by helping with getting out the vote and now I am the President of the Board. You may have seen my reminder posts to register to VOTE. I also now hold the candidate forums to make it easier for our community to make educated choices on who they want to vote for and will probably be seeing more of my posts on FB as we get closer to November.
It truly takes a MOB to get things done and this remarkable non-profit organization GETS IT DONE. We believe that if we want a change, we have to be that change. We worked with the county officials to come up with a way to make the first all-abilities playground in the El Paso area and together we fundraised and received grants to build a million-dollar playground at Ascarate Park. Which in turn, allowed for the building of 2 more smaller abilities parks where it was much needed in the county. We continue to work with city and county officials to make sure we go and ask for what the families in our community are asking for and need. I humbly ask for your donation so that we may continue to support our community and work with our elected officials to make El Paso and the surrounding areas the best place to live for our families.
Thanks for your donation! MOB the VOTE!

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