Debbie Hand
Debbie Hand

The Center Against Sexual and Family Violence provides shelter and support for victims of domestic violence and educational programs to help raise awareness. The Center began in 1977 and continues to provide much needed services to the most vulnerable in our community. Unfortunately the numbers of those affected by domestic violence continue to rise and have been at an all time high through the COVID pandemic. In 2020 the emergency shelter housed 843 residents including 487 children. The Family Resource Center served close to 3,000 clients through counseling, support groups, therapy and other resources which includes legal assistance. 230 particpants were enrolled in the Batteting Intervention & Prevention Program which is a court ordered program for abusers. The emergency hotline is available 24/7 and answers over 5,000 calls a year. The numbers are staggering and continuing to climb. I hope you will consider a donation - even the smallest donation can help!

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