Monica Fullerton
Monica Fullerton

This sweet girl in the picture is just one of many fosters we havd been able to help while volunteering with APA. Foster families are a wonderful and much needed resource in the pet rescue world, and my daughter and I are so happy to help community pets in need!

We have volunteered with APA for many years as a foster family (with a few foster fails 😉), adoptive family and I am now a new board member as well.

I have always been invloved in rescue/rehabilitation of community pets, and I believe strongly in the values and mission that APA hold, especially in regard to creating a no-kill pet community. APA is a wonderful resource for our community as a whole, by providing low-cost vaccination clinics, a food bank to assist those in need who might otherwise not be able to keep their pets with them during difficult times, and education on the importance of spaying and neutering your pets.

Please consider APA for your donations so that we can continue to sustain the wonderful work being done to support our community pets!

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