Amanda López Askin
Amanda López Askin

As a long-time supporter and advocate for animals in Doña Ana County, I never hesitate in telling anyone and everyone about my committment to ACTion Programs for Animals - and WHY I devote time and effort to support this organization.

ACTion Programs for Animals helps our community in so many ways! Embedded in our work is the knowledge that saving animals has a ripple effect in helping PEOPLE in our community. We do this in a variety of ways:

* We have rescued near 6000 animals in our community, most of them from our local municipal shelter.

* Host a Pet Food Bank to offer temporary relief for families who may be struggling to feed their animals and do not want to make the difficult choice to relinquish their furry family member.  this also includes relationship building with those who particpate that offers opportunities for education and rescources connected to spay/neuter

* Our AMAZING and replicated programs, P.A.W.S (Prisoners and Animals Working toward Success), our prison training program that trains our rescue dogs with basic commands and assists in helping them become more adoptable

* Community education that also includes low cost vaccinations and microchippng

* Low-cost vaccination and microchip clinics

* PAWSitive dog training classes

* Community cat advocacy and support

* Pit bull advocacy and support

So these are the programs…but do not tell the whole story. The photo features our dog StopDrop, a near feral dog that was rescued from a home where he was chained for the majority of his life. Fear aggressive and difficult to handle, we fostered and eventually adopted him. It took months to be able to even pet him, but his little sweet soul wanted love so much. He blossomed and we discovered the funniest little character, who still had boundaries, but let us love on him and spoil him. He hoarded stuffed animals and expected to be carried everywhere. He lived to eat and loved being part of a family. We had him for 5 years before he passed, but he left us loved and well-taken care of and with a little girl grieving her best friend. These are the animals we save - abandoned, neglected, abused.

I hope you consider helping us continue to do this work. I know there are many great causes and much need in our community. If you are like me and believe that helping our most vulerable collectively helps our community, I am asking for your help in enabling us to continue to help animals like StopDrop. Thank you!


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