Grace Terrazas
Grace Terrazas

Hello everyone,

My name is Grace Terrazas, and I work in the Administration Dept here at CASFV. The best part of working here other than a very friendly, positive and empowering environment, is helping our community with those families that experience sexual or family violence. Knowing that we do everything we possibly can to help everyone that comes thru our doors. Another is seeing the community come together by provided donations of all types, clothes toiletries, furniture and appliances.

We can always use more help though. Here are a few items that your $10.00 donation would provide for our families in need:

Provides Shelter Welcome Kit, Offers a Teddy Bear to a Child Survivor, Covers an hour of hotline support, Covers supplies for play therapy, Covers a meal at the TLC, Provides a Community Prevention session, Covers a Safety Planning session, Provides a :30 min. resume session for a survivor, Provides school supplies for a child, Covers an hour of touring at the Shelter,

So, you see your $10.00 Donation could help a Victim to become a self-sufficient Survivor.

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