Sylvia Hernandez
Sylvia Hernandez

Please join me in support of each scholar of the Loretto Academy Challenge program. Your financial support opens the door to academic excellence for young women who are ambitious and driven to learn as much as they can yet are from under resourced families, who cannot afford Loretto, let alone college.

Your donation allows our scholars who dream of graduating from college, to do so after first graduating from Loretto. Each Scholar is willing to work hard at Loretto and continue their learning at a college or university of her choice. The time and dedication required to make it through the rigor that is Loretto and then on to an institution of higher learning, is not for the faint of heart. Yet with your gift, and the program’s support, each young woman remains committed and determined to obtain knowledge to better her community and shape her world. Your gift means you believe in the scholar, her drive and ability to dream, and her hard work to make it come true. Thank you.

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