AA-CHS 2025
AA-CHS 2025

Cathedral is a symbol of our community’s endearment, love, and stregnth. It is the home you can always come back to, and a home that will always have its arms open for those in need. Being the class that graduates on it’s 100th year anniversary, we are driven more than any others to leave our evarlasting mark in Cathedral’s History. The class of 2025 has gone through one year of Cathedral, and is on its second year going strong. At Cathedral we are taught to love the brothers that we’ve met, and those that we are yet to meet. We want to be able to help our incomming brothers, in order for them to live the experience of a Fighting Irish. All the money donated will go to Cathedral’s Scholarship fund. The class of 2025 is asking for your support on this years Giving Day. Viva La Cate!

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