Abigal Molina
Abigal Molina

Over the last 10 years, I have personally seen the impact our organization has made locally. Kids that go from failing every class to passing with As & Bs, or the many Juniors and Seniors we’ve helped go onto college. None of this is possible without the support of our community. Can I count on you to help?

(not so fun) Facts!

  • only 2 out of 10 students in El Paso graduate college

  • nearly 75% of El Paso students are considered economically disadvantaged

  • economically disadvantaged kids are half as likely to finish college

What are we doing to combat those numbers?

Studies show that kids who participate in afterschool activities are 20% more likely to finish college and 40% more likely to have better attendance at school. In our current climate, after school activities are unattainable for a lot of families here. We’re changing that by offering FREE afterschool programs out in Clint and low cost tutoring and training throughout El Paso. We cannot do that without your support.

I believe that every player who gets an education wins. Do you?

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