Alba  Lopez
Alba Lopez

I am Alba Lopez, the proud Chief Financial Officer at PdN Children’s, a position I have been honored to hold since 2015. In this role, my principal responsibility is to ensure that all of our transformative programs are consistently and adequately funded. This challenge invigorates me every day as we work tirelessly to be exceptional stewards of every dollar donated, aiming to enhance the lives of the children we serve significantly.

I am deeply passionate about my role and the change we make collectively as a team. Each day, I come to work excited and inspired to make a difference in the lives of these wonderful children. Witnessing the direct impact of our work and seeing the smiles, the growth, and the newfound hope in the kids’ eyes is my ultimate reward.

I am a proud alumna of Bowie High School and hold an MBA from the University of Texas at El Paso, credentials that empower me to navigate the financial landscapes efficiently and effectively. My commitment is to manage our resources and ensure they are meticulously allocated for the most significant positive impact on the lives we touch.

As the Day of Giving approaches, I warmly invite you to join me and the dedicated team at PdN Children’s in our mission. Your generous donation is more than just a contribution. It’s a life-changing gift that reverberates through our children’s lives, creating lasting positive change and endless possibilities. With your support and our team’s commitment, we can continue to make the world a brighter place for our children.

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