Katie Hudak
Katie Hudak

Won’t you help me reach my goal of $100 so Diocesan Migrant & Refugee Services (DMRS) can continue to serve and fight for people like Benis? Please read her story below!

Benis Ntang Benis Ntang is from Cameroon, a country she loves dearly, but had to flee in order to stay alive. Benis was recently granted asylum with the help of her DMRS attorney Marysol Castro.

Since arriving in the U.S., Benis met her fiancé, got engaged, and had a baby. She enrolled in school and is on the path to become a nurse. All of this happened in El Paso while Benis was waiting for her asylum case to be decided.

Benis said she was prepared to leave her family behind if her asylum claim was denied and she was forced to return to Cameroon.

“Asylum granted.” Those were the words by an immigration judge that dropped Benis to her knees in the middle of the courtroom. Her entire life literally depended on that decision.

Benis can now remain in the U.S., get married, raise her baby, and finish her education. Most importantly, she is now SAFE.

These are the possibilities when we welcome people with dignity and show them #youbelong

Denial rates for those seeking asylum in El Paso Immigration Court range from a high of a 99.2% denial rate by one Immigration Judge, another has an 88.3% denial rate, a third has an 81.6% denial rate to another judge with a “low” of a 75.6% denial rate. That means that 86.18% of the time, asylum seekers who are fleeing persecution because of their race, nationality, political opinion, religion, or membership in a social group are denied asylum in El Paso. The work of DMRS is to literally save lives. Your contribution to DMRS on El Paso Giving Day, October 20, 2022 helps thousands of people like Benis persevere to achieve safety and freedom. Won’t you help DMRS continue to serve immigrants and refugees who legally seek that safety and freedom in the United States, just like Benis? Your contribution of at least $10 can help others gain that safety. Thank you! Katie

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