Sam & Tosh Faith
Sam & Tosh Faith

Our family moved to El Paso in the fall of 2018. Our son was only a few months old at the time when we made our home in the Kern Place neighborhood. In searching for a nurturing community where our kids could learn and grow, we continued to hear about the First Presbyterian School. It wasn’t until December of 2019 when we received the call that a spot was open for just 2 days a week and we jumped and praised God for the opportunity.

Since then we welcomed two more boys into the world and all three have been able to call First Presbyterian home.

The administrators, staff and teachers have been such a blessing to our family and to the community they serve. The school is a special place that offers a truly unique and Christian-centered approach to child development that can’t be found elsewhere.

We are grateful for all of the families and individuals who have made the school the incredible place it is today and look forward to watching and being a part of its continued growth in the future.

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