ACTion Programs for Animals (APA)
Since 2012, we've saved more than 4800 pets! Please read more about our MANY programs below!

Causes: Animals

What we do:

✓Rescue Group

✓Pet Food Bank

✓Low Cost Vaccinations

✓Prison Dog Training Program

What we need: After years of tireless work from a very small facility, we’ve made the hard, but exciting decision to move to a larger place so we can help more animals! But with a bigger building and moving comes additional costs…

We care for 60-80 cats and kittens and more than 12 dogs in our very small building.

Let’s be honest – WE NEED MORE ROOM TO WAG!

Here’s what your donation will fund in our new building:

  • Get new, bigger dog kennels to rescue larger pups.
  • Outfit our feline rooms with outdoor catios (cat patios)
  • Re-do the HVAC and air exchange system to keep our animals healthy
  • Install privacy fencing
  • Buying paint, supplies, and other needed items to make our building fresh and ready
  • Creating a space to engage with the public & for humans and pets to fall in love

Can you help us fund our mission and save more lives with a donation?

Wondering what “Prison Dog Training Program” is?

We partner with the Southern New Mexico Correctional Facility to provide a program where inmates learn life skills while training our adoptable dogs. In return, we can adopt out fully-trained, well-behaved pups to new homes at no additional cost. Our professional dog trainer, Doug, heads the program, and the inmates are very dedicated to the mission of training their assigned pups. It’s a win for everyone! Help us continue these trailblazing outreach and training programs with a donation today!

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