Basketball in the Barrio
Basketball in the Barrio
For the last 29 years, the “Household Furniture Basketball in the Barrio” here in El Paso, Texas has tried to imitate Rocky Galarza's generosity, Don Haskins' heroics, and Nolan Richardson's unrelenting courage. Just as Don Haskins shattered the dominant racist mindset in college hoops, Basketball in the Barrio has broken the mold of traditional sports camps. The basketball camp is set in Segundo Barrio, where Rocky and Coach Nolan were raised. The camp stresses the discipline and unselfishness that Rocky taught his fighters. The campers are instilled with a sense of positive pride in the Border that Coach Richardson has worn like medal. Through the meshing of Mexican-American music, dance, storytelling, and art, Basketball in the Barrio uses sports as a lure. Each child gets a t-shirt and a basketball (and in some years, new basketball shoes). But they also get two bi-lingual children’s books, a harmonica and a poster depicting people like Cesar Chavez and Martin Luther King. But most of all they get inspired by our 30 volunteer counselors. While most camps in this country are unaffordable to many kids, the Household Furniture Basketball in the Barrio has always asked for simply one single dollar. It's a camp that a young Rocky Galarza or Nolan Richardson could have attended, so please come by and visit camp next May at 710 7th Avenue in Downtown El Paso, Texas. And in the confines of the Armijo Community Center, you just might see the next Rocky Galarza or Nolan Richardson. Hoping all your jumpers hit nothing but net, we thank you! Steve Yellen 915-300-5970 Text or call with any questions or if you are interested in learning about volunteering to help!

Causes: Arts and Culture, Community Advocacy, Youth

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