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We are Non-Profit Organization that employs people with disabilities. Serving the El Paso Community for over 40 years and counting by providing ground maintenance and landscaping services for the City of El Paso.

Causes: Disability Services

In 1965 the Texas Mental Health and Mental Retardation Act (HB3) created the Texas Department of Mental Health and Mental Retardation authorizing creation of local boards of trustees to organize and administer non-profit community mental health and mental retardation centers. In 1966, the El Paso Center for Mental Health and Mental Retardation Services was founded through an inter-local contract between the County and the City. In 1973 we began direct services to MR clients through a Work Activity Center and Sheltered Workshop.

In 1976 Emilio Fernandez Workshop opened on Myrtle Ave to house the Work Activity Center, Sheltered Workshop and MR outpatient. The workshop served residents of El Paso County, age 17 or over, with a diagnosis of mental retardation.

In 1979 the City of El Paso Parks and Recreation Department granted the Emilio Fernandez Workshop its first contract. A crew of 11 clients was hired to maintain the El Corredor District in Downtown. Due to high quality for work the Emilio Fernandez Workshop was awarded another contract in October 1982 that required 3 additional crews to maintain different park locations in El Paso. The budget at that point was approximately $100,000, soon after, the state of Texas also awarded the Emilio Fernandez workshop additional contracts under Texas Department of Transportation.

In 1990 the Emilio Fernandez workshop changed its name to Task Master and moved to its present location with additional room to accommodate its clients. Due to a change in state legislation Border TM Industries INC, was established as a separate entity on April 5, 1995. Task Masters continued to provided services to clients while Border TM Industries INC, became an employer. Border TM was established as a Non-Profit 501(c) (3) organization. At that time was the only employer of individuals with mental disabilities.

Due to an additional change in state legislation, on March 1, 2001 Border TM Industries INC, became a private entity, and separated from Life Management Center, an entity of the state.

Since then Border TM has continued to grow by acquiring additional contracts along the way. We continue to contract with the City of El Paso under the General Services and Environmental Services, the State of Texas under Texas Department of Transportation, Department of Public Safety, El Paso International Airport and our Assembly department contracts with local, and private companies.

In 2012 Border TM INC, began operating as Xceed Resources with an operating budget of over 2,500,000.

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