BorderRAC is relied upon to unite regional medical providers and serve as a strategic partner for the Texas legislature, state and local agencies, and most importantly for the health and welfare of our region. We are integral to helping hospitals and other healthcare organizations in emergency preparedness to respond to a wide-scale natural disaster or terrorism attack. We are a healthcare coalition with a comprehensive inter-professional membership of hospitals, EMS, and other healthcare agencies. Our committees work to reduce injury, illness and preventable deaths in the areas of disaster, trauma, stroke, heart disease, pediatrics, and now moms and babies.

BorderRAC serves behind the scenes in situations such as the tragic El Paso Shooting, working in the Emergency Operations Center as the medical liaison between the hospitals for patient tracking and collaboration with local, state and federal agencies. Our COVID response remains active - we have distributed over 5M pieces of PPE, established El Paso’s first COVID testing site, and initiated the Battelle N95 mask sterilization system. We continue to coordinate efforts to test and provide guidance to long term care facilities as well as coordinate supplemental staffing for regional hospitals.

We need your help to continue our mission to improve the health of El Paso.

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