Celebration of Our Mountains
Celebration of Our Mountains, a 501c3 non-profit organization, creates, sponsors, and conducts free field trips for people of all ages for hiking, biking, birding, climbing, photographing, stargazing, and studying the natural wonders and wildlife, the geology, and the archaeology of the greater El Paso, Southern New Mexico, and Trans-Pecos regions of the Chihuahuan Desert. We also offer field trips about human history and architecture, science, and technology. Our events are designed to be educational as well as recreational. Support us in continuing with our mission of Exploring, Educating, and Inspiring our community about our region's treasures!

Causes: Education, Environment, Health and Mental Well-being

Celebration of Our Mountains offers these benefits:

  • Gain knowledge of the natural history (geology, paleontology, biology, ecology, and more) and human history of our portion of the Chihuahuan Desert.
  • Gain an appreciation for our natural and historical treasures and the value of preserving them.
  • Become active outdoors through our free field trips designed for all ages, skill and health levels. Live healthily.
  • Prevent obesity and diabetes.
  • Give our children a love for wonder and science.
  • Support and promote other outdoor and environmental groups.
  • Bring more eco-tourism to El Paso.
  • Learn about and appreciate the rich history of the El Paso Southwest.
  • Hike Our Mountains. Explore Our Desert. Know Our History and Our Cultures. See Our Stars.
  • Year-round schedule of weekly field trips.
  • All of our events are FREE. Except for any park fees, we don’t charge a dime.
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