Center Against Sexual and Family Violence
with hope, become mighty.

Causes: Emergency Response, Homelessness and Housing, Women's Issues

Support people in our community experiencing domestic and sexual violence.

With a global increase in domestic violence during COVID-19, CASFV makes sure people in our community have the help they need.

CASFV is a safe haven for adults, youth, and children escaping domestic violence and sexual assault. We provide people with shelter, basic necessities, emergency assistance, therapeutic support, and other prevention and crisis intervention programs.

Similar to countries around the world, CASFV has seen an increase in the amount of resources we use and an increase in the number of people seeking help and safety from domestic and dating violence during COVID-19.

Since February and the beginning of the pandemic: * We have seen a 30% increase in people living in our shelter since February. * Over 40% increase in calls to our 24hr Crisis Hopeline * Nearly 30% increase in people receiving non-residential services at our Family Resource Center.

Your donation makes the difference especially during the ongoing pandemic. When you give to CASFV, you provide funding to restore hope for people in our community and ensure that access to resources are never a barrier to ending cycles of abuse and violence.

El Paso, thank you for your continuous support!