Christian Women's Job Corps of El Paso
Because we believe that no woman should be without the opportunity to improve herself and achieve her goals, the mission of CWJC is to empower women by instruction and mentoring to become self-sufficient for life and employment. CWJC offers under-resourced women the opportunity to both unlock their potential and improve employment prospects, and where necessary, English language acquisition.

Causes: Education, Senior Services, Women's Issues

Thank you for your donations, every cent will help us to continue serving women in EL Paso!

Thank you.

Xiomara O’Neill, Executive Director; Rosa Duarte, Site Coordinator; Sergio Estrada, Board Chair; Mariel Garcia, Vice-chair; Martha Tipton, Secretary; Cindy Prieto, Treasurer; Patricia Villalobos; Adriana Campos; Gracie Ibarra; Gene Wolf; Mark Rotramel, Ex-officio.