Creative Kids
Positively impacting the youth in our region through the arts.

Causes: Arts and Culture, Children and Youth, Health and Mental Well-being

**Creative Kids Inc. is a 23-year-old nationally recognized 501(c)(3) non-profit art education agency whose mission is to positively impact specific populations of children in the communities we serve through purposeful visual art education.

Creative Kids is able to reach over 1,200 youth throughout the year, which includes disconnected /disadvantaged youth through Project ABLE (Art Brokers Learning Experiences), at-risk youth in the Boys and Girls Club of El Paso through Project MAP (Making the Arts Possible), and children battling cancer through Project AIM (Arts in Motion). Creative Kids also offers programs to the families that were directly affected by the August 3rd tragedy through Project RAP (Resiliency Art Program).

The majority of children participating in Creative Kids programs come from broken homes, families of very modest socio-economic means, and most have limited formal schooling and are largely of Hispanic ancestry. The Creative Kids programs represent a strategic and pivotal set of opportunities for the students so they can realize their aspirations for adult life, refine their talents and strengths and, in the process, encourage these youths to pursue lifelong learning and other higher education goals.**

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