The El Paso Baptist Clinic is a charitable volunteer clinic that has been providing medical care for the past 47 years to those individuals who are uninsured and underserved in the El Paso community. EPBC is committed to improving access to medical care by bringing members of our community and dedicated healthcare professionals together by providing them an opportunity to give voluntarily of their time and skills on Saturdays to help those in need.

Causes: Health and Mental Well-being

Eleanor, the founding Director and her husband Joe T. Poe, PhD taught Bible verses to approximately 60 children every Sunday. From this ministry, a Church began. During one of the services a mother with a crying child caught Eleanor’s attention. Eleanor being a Registered Nurse asked the mother what was wrong with the child. The mother pulled out a prescription and explained to her that the child had an ear infection but could not afford the medication. It was because of one sick child that the clinic was started.

On opening day the clinic had one doctor, one receptionist, one nurse (Eleanor), and one patient. As time went on, word spread about the compassionate and spiritual care. 46 years later the clinic is still going strong and we have helped approximately 22,500 individuals since the opening of the clinic.

The clinic operates solely on donations and our patients are not charged for services but many will give towards their care.

Approximately 32% of El Paso residents do not have medical insurance and this is the reason why we continue to serve in our community. Those who have insurance are directed to other sources. There is not a Saturday that goes by that we do not have people who have been turned away from somewhere else come to seek our help.

The clinic currently has 160 volunteers including physicians and dentists. It takes approximately 70 volunteers to operate the clinic each Saturday. These committed members of our community come together to help those needing medical care.

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