El Paso Border Youth Athletic Association
BYAA is dedicated to the philosophy of educational attainment through athletics. In our most vulnerable service communities, where high school graduation rates can be lower than 50% and the path to college a long and difficult one, BYAA begins its programming outreach in 3rd grade, running all the way through college placement. BYAA’s success at engaging and educating parents while serving their children is unique among area offerings and important in resolving the issues facing our low-income families. Since inception over 55 students have gone on to college scholarships through their participation with BYAA, 5 of whom received scholarships this spring.

Causes: Children and Youth, Education, Health and Mental Well-being

BYAA services contribute to success at every age and stage of development, leveraging athletics to improve educational outcomes. For the vulnerable students in El Paso, this means a chance to master the overwhelming barriers they face to higher education and general wellbeing. Your compassion and generosity have allowed BYAA to establish programs to keep youth from these low-income areas continuously engaged, beginning as early as 3rd grade and guiding them all the way through college placement.

Our goal of promoting education to its highest potential using athletics as an incentive has impacted many families living in the Paso del Norte region. BYAA has created an imperative for educational attainment, a sense of belonging, security through education, and community-building through participation in our programs.

In 22 years of work in the Paso del Norte region, BYAA has served thousands of student-athletes and their families, influencing their educational goals. Over 55 of these students have gone on to college with academic and athletic scholarships, 5 of whom received their scholarship awards last spring. Many more have gone on to universities with grants and the financial support necessary to make their degree a reality. You can make this possible for a new group of middle and high school students today. I ask you to please continue partnering with us on this path, combatting one of the greatest challenges in our area.

Your generous contribution to this programming pipeline will change the future for youth in El Paso.