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El Paso Opera's Giving Day campaign is focused on helping us cover the costs of this performance season. We have implemented a new 'Pay-What-You-Can' Ticket pricing to be considerate of the current financial climate. We don't want anyone to miss out on this season's shows! However, we will need financial support to help us sustain this change in pricing. If you contribute towards our El Paso Giving Day campaign, you will offset some of the costs we will incur by offering this special pricing and help us bring opera to more members of our community. In addition, between our #CurbsideOpera performances and our First Fridays performances, we are offering at least 3 free performances around the community each month! These will all be in outdoor spaces and employ social distancing for our performers and audience. Your support of our El Paso Giving Day campaign will allow us continue these free performances for everyone to enjoy! Thank you in advance for considering El Paso Opera! We believe everyone should have the opportunity and access to art and culture, especially during these difficult times. By supporting us, you are providing a wonderful service to the El Paso community and helping us put a smile on lots of faces!

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El Paso Opera spent the summer spreading some cheer throughout the greater El Paso community with our #CurbsideOpera performances. Check out some of the footage below!


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