El Paso TNR
We are an all-volunteer 501 c(3) non-profit organization who advocate, educate, & facilitate Trap Neuter Return in El Paso, TX 🐱⛰☀️

Causes: Animals, Education, Environment

The majority of our community may ask: what does TNR mean? Trap, Spay/Neuter, and Return is the most humane and effective practice for population control of unowned cats (known as community cats).

From educating the community, to trapping (or lending traps), to collaborating with veterinarians, underwriters, and civic partners, our dedication aims to reduce the use of inhumane tactics while staying centered around the data and progress of our region’s colonies.

El Paso has a large population of community cats & our efforts are to help minimize the overpopulation of unowned cats, to educate our community about the importance of spay or neutering, and to provide any advice to help stabilize the cat population.

T for Trap: cats are humanely trapped to be spayed/neutered.
N for Neuter: cats go through spay/neuter surgery, and are held for recovery.
R for Return: cats are returned to their original home outside, now with an eartip (the universal symbol of a fixed cat) and all the benefits of spay/neuter surgery.
A completely TNR'd colony of cats, where there are no more kittens to be born on the streets. Look at those happy tails!