EPCARES provides support for individuals vulnerable to sexual exploitation, abuse, or human trafficking. Additionally, we regularly host outreaches to educate and equip the El Paso community to respond effectively as well. We are 100% volunteer so all donations go towards assisting individuals vulnerable to human trafficking.

Causes: Community Advocacy, Women's Issues, Youth

EPCARES believes that anyone vulnerable to exploitation, abuse, or human trafficking should be found, free and flourishing. We are deeply concerned about the many children and young adults in our community who are being manipulated and coerced into risky behaviors resulting in significant lasting physical, emotional, spiritual, mental, and social harm.

Therefore, we intentionally strive to find and assist vulnerable individuals. We meet these individuals where they are and offer friendship, transportation, bible studies, assistance in accessing resources and taking steps forward. Because we strongly believe in the power of a healthy supportive community, we regularly provide education and resources to hotels/motels, truck stops, strip clubs, salons, homeless, refugees, faith organizations, crisis pregnancy centers, and more to equip others to assist these vulnerable populations as well.

El Paso CARES values Commitment, Accountability, Respect, Educated Empathy, and being Spiritually Led. Our logo of many different shades of colors and types of threads weaving a heart together well represents our team made up of survivors, social workers, foster parents, counselors, nurses, substance abuse recovery mentors, victim advocates, and many others experienced in trauma, recovery, and life change. We all voluntarily serve others because we are grateful for others who have done the same for us.


I just need someone to talk these things out with. I don’t want old impulses to sabotoge all the good things happening now. Thank you for listening. (single mom)

I want to educate our entire state on the realities of human trafficking here so that we can stop this from happening to more of our kids. (Miss El Paso - Emily Miller)

Mom, this is God giving us a new chance. (child of survivor)

Thank you for all your information and help for my daughter. She is really a good girl and I just can’t believe this happened. (mom of local teen)

I never knew this was happening in El Paso in this way with our own kids. I also didn’t understand the difference between Human Trafficking and Smuggling. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and passion on this issue. (attendee at local presentation)

Thank you for always praying with me. I know I need to run to God first, and I do, but sometimes I need someone to pray with.
(ex strip club worker)

I had such a low self esteem. Like you cant imagine how low it was. But now I think I can do this. I am strong.

Thank you for always being there. (teen survivor)

Thank you for what you all do for our community. We have referred several women to you.
(local motel)