EPCARES provides support for individuals vulnerable to sexual exploitation, abuse, or human trafficking. Additionally, we regularly host outreaches to educate and equip the El Paso community to respond effectively as well. One hundred percent of donations go directly towards assisting individuals vulnerable to human trafficking.

Causes: Community Advocacy, Women's Issues, Youth

EPCARES believes that anyone vulnerable to exploitation, abuse, or human trafficking should be found, free and flourishing. We are deeply concerned about the many children and young adults in our community who are being manipulated and coerced into risky behaviors resulting in significant lasting physical, emotional, spiritual, mental, and social harm.

Therefore, we intentionally strive to find and assist vulnerable individuals, many who have already suffered significant trauma and adverse childhood events. We meet these individuals where they are and offer friendship, assistance in accessing resources, and taking next steps forward as they choose and are able to do. Because we strongly believe in the power of a healthy supportive community, we regularly provide education and resources to hotels/motels, truck stops, strip clubs, massage parlors, homeless shelters, and any child related locations to equip others to assist these vulnerable populations as well.

El Paso CARES values Commitment, Accountability, Respect, Educated Empathy, and being Spiritually led. Our logo of many different shades of colors and types of threads weaving a heart together well represents our team made up of survivors, social workers, foster parents, counselors, nurses, substance abuse recovery mentors, victim advocates, and many others experienced in trauma, recovery, and life change. We all voluntarily serve others because we are grateful for others who have done the same for us.

TESTIMONIALS I’ve never had a positive mother figure in my life who loves and cares for me even though I’m not perfect. You always encourage me to be better. It’s nice to have someone who believes in me. -ex sex worker

I have learned so much from you about human trafficking to help me do this job well.
-new employee at residential home for trafficked individuals

Thank you for your help and guidance in helping us get our daughter back. -parents of local teen

We are very grateful for what you are doing in our community -local homeless shelter

Thank you for your support towards our staff and children under CPS during these uncertain and changing times. -Child Protective Services – El Paso County

Thank you for this great start to help this Dad with his 12 year old daughter who was groomed on the internet. -local youth pastor

Your firsthand knowledge and experience is effective. You are a great presenter, passionate and knowledgeable. -member El Paso Human Trafficking Coalition

Thank you for what you are doing out there to find missing children. -local law enforcement

You were a light at the end of my tunnel. Thank you for everything, especially our talks.
-ex stripper

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