EPCC (El Paso Community College Foundation)
Our mission is to promote access to scholarships and excellence in the educational process to benefit all individuals seeking learning opportunities.

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EPCC Scholarship Awardees

EPCC Foundation Scholarship Awardees Everyone loves a good comeback story, of someone overcoming challenges, tackling adversity, and emerging stronger. Help El Paso Community College students come back strong, emerge from challenges and achieve a higher education. The result- a more prepared workforce and educated El Paso, ready to tackle the jobs of the future. It’s a comeback story of local college students motivated to succeed…. Be a part of El Paso Community College students’ journey to success and watch what happens. See the student stories and watch the next generation of community leaders emerge. Thank you for your support of education in El Paso and higher education scholarships. The future is theirs, and our community’s with your support.

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