Fab Lab El Paso
Fab Lab El Paso educates and inspires young innovators to create a more sustainable and equitable future by building pathways to the tech careers of today.

Causes: Children and Youth, Education, Entrepreneurship

Our Start

Fab Lab El Paso was founded in 2014, creating a makerspace that provided access to digital fabrication resources for skill set learning, workforce training, creative collaboration, prototype development, and product manufacture. The first of its kind in the West Texas region, it’s an entirely grassroots organization grown organically from community support.

Community Efforts

Fab Lab installed 10 school makerspaces in local high schools, and helped open a sister Lab across the border at the Juarez Tech Hub. To expand accessibility, we also invested in a mobile Fab Lab, and have displayed our agility by producing over 500 pieces of stop gap PPE during the global pandemic.

In 2022, we became a NASA Community Anchor Site to bring world-class educational experiences to El Paso, leading us to take 19 students to witness the historic Artemis I launch at the Kennedy Space Center.

Our Future

Aligning with the abundant computing, manufacturing, and entrepreneurship career opportunities being invested in regionally, we are developing digital skill-building programs to support learners of all ages, from early education to workforce reskilling. To facilitate these new pathway skilling initiatives, we are partnering with Microsoft to develop the El Paso Innovation Hub.

Our award winning brand of K-12 Maker STEM education will see its new home at the Make IT Zone at the world-class children’s museum, La Nube, when it opens in 2024.

Support Fab Lab and Support Tech Equality and Inclusion in El Paso!

At Fab Lab, we are not just catalysts for innovation in the El Paso community; we are dedicated to nurturing a tech ecosystem that is community-first, human-centric, and radically inclusive. To view past initiatives and programs check out the links below!

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